For the love of flowers

One of my best friends recently gave birth to her 2nd child. He is beautiful! And of course so is she. I wanted to create my own flower arrangement to bring over to her house. Partly because I was inspired by all the beautiful flowers available here in South Florida and partly because I am so anal when it comes to floral displays. I can't stand "fillers", babys breath, ugh. Too much greenery, no thanks. And you can really never be sure what the other person is getting when you order flowers and have them delivered. I always find myself wondering what the receipient actual received and what they thought.
If the jewelry design business should ever go south I would be happy to open a flower shop. There is just something about putting together beautiful bouquets that makes me so happy.

I went to a local store and purchased white, pink, purple and peach roses (it came to less then $30!). I used them all up in her arrangement and still had flowers left over. Since I had bought Peonies, Calla Lillies and Carnations last week I had some still alive and others falling apart. I decided to use the healthy ones along with the left over roses for a couple mini arrangements for our house.

I can't even imagine what a florist would have charged for a floral arrangement like that. And add in my 2 mini arrangements, forget it, well over $150.
(Not that she wouldn't be worth it! But believe me, this girl loves a deal too.)

Flowers just make me happy! What does it for you?


Anonymous said...

Love the new blog layout/design. Your arrangement is beautiful! You definitely could be in floral design business. What a lucky friend -- hope she was encouraged by your love.

Thanks for allowing people to post comments now :) You don't know how many times in the past I wanted to comment on your posts, but wasn't allowed.