Resort 2012

I know, I know, its 3 days before Christmas and I can't stop thinking about resort! Whats wrong with me that I am always looking to the next thing? My husband always tells me to live in the moment more. Yet, try as I may I just can't help but plan for whats happening next. Not sure if this is due to my firstborn status, living in 8 cities in 6 years or the fact that I have to plan my collections so far in advance. Well whatever it is its never going to change. So here is what I am obsessing over for spring. Hmmm, Miami in January, I think so!
Susana Monaco Tube Top, Rachel Pally Skirt

MAD Stack to pair with tube/skirt combo

Susana Monaco Flutter Dress

Sass & Bide Yellow Top

Tangerine Blank Jeans
Zanotti Snakeprint Nude Heels

Christmas Wishlist

Happy Holidays everyone! It's that time of year again. I am currently working on my Christmas wishlist what about you guys?

Ok well, I'm totally obsessed with clutches these days. Maybe it's because I now have two kids under three years old and am always toting around a super sized bag. I never have time for clutches anymore! So now I am dying over the following bags and yes, they're all on my wishlist.

From top to bottom: Anya Hindmarch- Valorie- Snakeskin, Anya Hindmarch Glitter Clutch- Gold, Miu Miu- Mattelasse clutch- Nude, Pucci- Python Shoulder Bag- Hot Pink, Michael Kors Gosford Clutch-Kiwi
xo Mel

Mottega Giveaway

My first love is definitely jewelry design, but if I could do two jobs at once I think interior design would be my next passion. There is just something about a beautifully designed living space that speaks to me. In my free time I buy home magazines and search the internet for inspiration for my future home. Since we move around, ALOT, I think its become a slight obsession of mine to be able to design, build and decorate a place my family will be comfortable and happy. Its at least 5 years off but we'll get there. Anyway, enough about that. In all my searching I came across a company I LOVE, Mottega is a lighting company that allows you to pick your own shapes, colors, finishes and then sends you the lamp of your dreams. It was created by Arteriors (another company I am crazy about) founder Mark Moussa.

I was lucky enough to win a chance to design my own lamp. I know, pinch me. It took me a few days to figure out what look I wanted, but I settled on something I knew I would love forever and that would transition easily into my dream home. I chose the Sofia lamp in Spa (a beautiful sea foam green), with a square lucite base and lucite finial. The end result is beautiful, elegant and a little edgy (the lucite base gives it a little extra something).

Instead of sharing it with my family, I have her in my studio, she fits in perfectly with my Hadley Hutton paintings and lights up my work space. In the future I may just let the rest of my family see her, but the jurys still out on that.

Sofia lighting up my work space

A close up

Packing List: Miami Beach

Today I am gearing up for my annual girls vacation with one of my bff's. Every year we pick a spot and meet for a much needed girls trip. Usually we head to NYC for some intense retail therapy, but this year since we both just had babies ,somewhat recently, and are in colder climates we decided a beach vacation was in order. My in-laws were amazing enough to come up and watch the kids so although I will still worry,  at least I know they are in good hands. 

We are staying at the amazing Fontainebleau which I have never been to but am anxious to see (check back for a review on that) and planning on shopping, relaxing and eating. Oh, and we may toss back a few cocktails while we are at it.

I am a total nerd when it comes to packing. I need to plan out every last detail of what I will need for each day. There is nothing I hate more then feeling un-prepared and looking like a tourist, haha. So besides a ton of reading material and my mac here are some of my much needed accessories for this trip.

MAD Monika in Berry, MAD Blythe in Aqua
For dinner and drinks I usually like to add color and sparkle with accessories. Our Blythe earrings in this amazing Aqua/Green color will go perfectly with my lace Robbi & Nikki dress (which I got on sale thankyouverymuch), my red patent zanottis (another amazing find, enter code "nonevent"for another 20%off!) and my sea foam Nancy Gonzalez Clutch (see below). 

From Left to Right: Jcrew, MAD, Noir, MAD, Jcrew, Jcrew, MAD Stackables

Another jewelry staple for me is my arm party. I can't get enough bracelets! During the day I like to pile them on. There is something so personal and artistic about the jewelry a girl picks, and none more so then a stack full of bracelets. I don't discriminate either, they aren't all MAD. 

RayBan Large Metal II
My go to shades are from Ray-Ban. I am very loyal to these babies. I will ONLY wear their Large Metal II aviators. For some reason they just look great on everyone and go with everything.

And lastly ,my loves, my bags. I couldn't believe my luck when I scored this Nancy Gonzalez clutch for 1/3 of what it normally costs. And the sea foam color, ahhh. It will be the perfect accessory for those late night dinners with friends.
Nancy Gonzalez Croc Clutch

And to lug all my reading material, computer, phone etc etc (you know a girl needs lots of stuff!) My massive bag.
Celine Luggage Tote, Medium, Jute Leather

I hope you all have a great weekend, I know I will!


I haven't become any better at updating. Forgive me! It has been pretty busy here at Melanie Auld Designs. I have decided to take a break from designing bags to focus more on my love of jewelry. If you've been following me on twitter/facebook, you already know that. I'm slightly better at posting updates there!

Just because I'm taking a break from designing bags doesn't mean I'm taking a break from bags all together! I am a bag nut and have been obsessing over every single Celine luggage tote for the past year. The new neon colors threw me over the edge. Alas, it was not meant to be, have you seen the wait list on those puppies? Anyway, my runner up was a black medium luggage tote in leopard jute and I definitely lucked out. It will be arriving on my door step any minute now. I will be sure to post pictures of it really soon. Possibly on my Miami trip.....stay tuned!


You're a designer for a great cause contest!

We are so excited to offer this contest to one of our most talented customers. Here is the deal. We are looking for someone to design either a pair of earrings, a necklace or a ring. All you have to do is sketch the piece (it doesn't have to be an amazing sketch, believe me). If we choose your piece we will work with you to produce your vision and send you the very first piece of your new creation as a gift! The piece will then be for sale on our site for all to buy with 50% of the sales going to a charity that is very close to our hearts (, check them out). Isn't that amazing? You will get to see your own creation come to life, own it, brag about it, all while helping out an amazing charity!

Here is what you need to know:
Deadline: Oct 14th 2011
Email us at with your name, contact info and a jpeg of your sketch. Scan it in, take a pic on your iPhone whatever.

We will announce the winner on October 17th and get started asap!

Good luck!


Its been quite the month here. I know, I know, this poor blog hasn't been updated enough lately. Well I have excuses, plenty of them. We have been working on our Spring/Summer 2012 collection diligently for the last month and are still adding pieces daily. We moved from Montreal to Florida to Ottawa all in the last 4 months and are finally settled in. Oh and I had a baby. A sweet little girl Ella Grace Auld in July. Forgive me?? Well I am hoping you will once you see our latest collection! Sneak peek below.

Stay tuned for a very exciting contest! If you have ever wanted to design your own pair of earrings but lack the resources we just might be able to help. Details to follow!


For the love of flowers

One of my best friends recently gave birth to her 2nd child. He is beautiful! And of course so is she. I wanted to create my own flower arrangement to bring over to her house. Partly because I was inspired by all the beautiful flowers available here in South Florida and partly because I am so anal when it comes to floral displays. I can't stand "fillers", babys breath, ugh. Too much greenery, no thanks. And you can really never be sure what the other person is getting when you order flowers and have them delivered. I always find myself wondering what the receipient actual received and what they thought.
If the jewelry design business should ever go south I would be happy to open a flower shop. There is just something about putting together beautiful bouquets that makes me so happy.

I went to a local store and purchased white, pink, purple and peach roses (it came to less then $30!). I used them all up in her arrangement and still had flowers left over. Since I had bought Peonies, Calla Lillies and Carnations last week I had some still alive and others falling apart. I decided to use the healthy ones along with the left over roses for a couple mini arrangements for our house.

I can't even imagine what a florist would have charged for a floral arrangement like that. And add in my 2 mini arrangements, forget it, well over $150.
(Not that she wouldn't be worth it! But believe me, this girl loves a deal too.)

Flowers just make me happy! What does it for you?


Jewelery, to me, is one of the best forms of expression when it comes to my wardrobe. As a designer and consumer I love to mix and match. It all depends on my mood, what city I'm in and what look I am feeling that day. When I was thinking up new additions to our jewelry collection I really wanted to create something that could be interpreted thousands of different ways. Literally thousands.

Enter our stacked bangles. I have been test driving these babies for the last few months and am so excited! We were going to wait and introduce them for fall but they are just so glam and fun in the summer that I wanted to get them out asap! For inspiration I really had to look no further then the stones. Fuchsia fire agate, faceted amethyst, turquoise, coral, mother of pearl, my mind is spinning just thinking of the beautiful hues and all the possibilities. I added these amazing pave balls and ovals to some designs, charms to others and sometimes both. I mixed ebony wood, white wood, bayong wood and gold, silver and gunmetal. The possibilities are just endless.

We put together some stacks to show just what they can look like mixed (they also look great alone, or mixed with your own leather, fabric, bangles) we will be coming out with a few other stack options as well. We can pretty much make any bracelet you dream of! For custom orders please contact us at . We would love to work with you to get the stack of your dreams.

Inspiration: The Coveteur

All images courtesy of

As a designer I feel like I am constantly looking to be inspired, motivated and challenged. Of course the internet plays a huge role in my business, but it also plays a huge role when I am looking to invent. It's very rare to come across a website that truly speaks to me, so when I stumbled across my first thought was JACKPOT! Started by Erin Kleinberg (an amazing Torontonian designer) and Stephanie Mark (a fashion and wardrobe stylist) its a behind the scenes glimpse into the closets, showrooms and homes of fashions most elite. I could spend hours checking out what some of my fashion favorites have stocked their closets with. Its like fashion voyeurism! My current fav, Celine Kaplan, OMG her Chanel jacket is to die for! I can only dream of having a closet like these women, never gonna happen, oh well for now I can live vicariously through them.



Jessica Simpson scores herslef a new title, as the fashion industry's latest "Accidental" Billion Dollar Empress. What started as the former 'it-girl's' self-titled line of Fragrance and Footwear, has grown to take the industry by storm. Things are only looking up for Simpson and her crew, as she's confirmed plans to add both a full ready-to-wear collection, as well as a "career separates" line into the empire later this year. With projected annual sales pushing the billion dollar bracket, Jessica is said to be the first 'celebrity-turn-designer' to hit this level of success. And who'd have ever thought that the ditsy, carefree blonde would grow to blow fellow celebrtity competitors like Nicole Richie, and the Olsen twins right out of the water. To put these numbers into better context, it's safe to say that Jessica Simpson is doing roughly the same volume in sales as industry achievers like Michael Kors, or Tory Burch. This girl is rolling in some serious dough. We're impressed. And, so long as we're not tuning in to her second shot at reality tv 'The Price Of Beauty' (cringe)..we're more than happy to see how successful the Texas native has proven to become. So much for the dumb blonde theory, she's obviously doing something right. photocreds: NYMAG 


Gossip Girl's Tika Sumpter pairs her pearly whites with MAD's Spring 2011 tribal inspired Eddie Necklace in this weeks OK! Magazine. Happy to see our jewels befriending quite a few magazine editors this month. Let the friends list continue to flourish!



New York Magazine recently caught up with one of our favorite Fashionisto's, Editors-at-Large, and Elle Magazine's front runner, Mr.Joe.Zee. One of the few style supreme's who's managed to bypass the stereotype of the average industry guru, tucked  behind a pair of unneccesarily oversized sunglasses and wide brimmed fedoras at any public attempt. A chatty Cathy rather? Could there be a humorous, down to earth, well-grounded, super success in this industry? Yes.. and his name is Joe Zee. The creative director, turn editor has come to epitomize a new form of major-player personality. The 42 year old has made a name for himself in the cut throat industry with a different approach, wearing a cooler attitude.Which makes perfect sense for the New York Times to name Joe Zee one of Fashion's few 'approachable ambassadors'. And isn't it refreshing? To finally see some integrity in an industry thats far too often bashed as pretencious? It's people like Joe Zee that reassure us, that there are a bunch of level-headed, creative minds working their butts of to keep the world of Fashion interesting and competitive. And although Mr.Zee's aggressive social networking skills have proven him a Twitter-ville favourite, we think that the news of his very own TV show will work wonders for his loyal fan base. For all of you girls who didn't get quite enough Zee from MTV's The City, here's your chance. "All on the Line" will debut Tuesday March 29th on the Sundance Channel, and you can rest assured that we'll be tuning in. photocred: NYtimes


 Shots of head designer Melanie Auld back in November for The Montreal Gazette's feature on the homegrown talent that is Melanie Auld Designs. Full article shown here.

Feeling some serious 'Press Praise' from a few notable sources this season, with handbag, jewelry and design features in some of the publishing industry's big-wiggs. Our MAD Coco clutch parks herself pretty in Canada's leading fashion feed, Flare magazine. Flare pays homage to Melanie Auld as their finely selected homegrown label of the month in their latest April issue.
Next up, MAD's Holly earrings ranking Gossip Girl Green on MTV Style's "Get The Look" feature. MTV tracked down the top resembling styles to the Green Gem stoned earrings of Gossip Girl, Blake Lively. And believe us when we say.. we're blushing.
With Monika marking People's Stylewatch Issue, Coco landing Flare, and Holly ranking Gossip Girl Green at MTV Style, who knows which MAD lady will have her time to shine in an upcoming OK! Magazine. Stay tuned.
photocredits: Flare, The Gazette