Dinning Room

To say its been a hectic month would be an understatement. I gotta admit, this one almost got me. Cramming the toys of a 2 year old and 5 year old into a 3 bedroom condo had me near tears. I thought I would be relegated to toymageddon for the next little while but we managed to pull it together. Don't get me wrong, there is still wayyy too much to do, but for now I am relishing in the fact that our dining room has really come together. The shelf isn't exactly how I would like it, but I feel like those things never are. Or is that just me?

I bought a little more at Restoration Hardware then maybe I would have liked but damn they are doing some great things! And the 25% off helped me to forget the millions of other people who would have my furniture in their dinning rooms as well. Also, once you have it in your own space its always easy to  put your own spin on it and add things to make your room feel more personal. For instance, that paddle on the wall my husband and I found while digging through my Dad's shed a few months ago. The minute I saw it in all its perfectly distressed glory I begged my Dad for it. I couldn't be more in love with it, and it speaks to my country girl lake loving roots. There, not everyone will have a mint paddle in their living room, score 1 originality point for me.

Anyway, thought I would give you an update. Let's hope I have another room done at some point in the near future!

Auld Dining Room

Lucite Display Blocks

Sam's Shell Collection

Metallic Hide

Love the Ghost Chairs for kids! Easy to wipe and the ivory doesn't show finger prints.

Our Condo: Step One - Planning

My family and I are moving into our new condo in the next little bit. This is a huge milestone for us since we have basically been nomads for the last 8 years, moving from one city to another for my husbands job. Finally settling down feels like heaven.  Anyone who knows me knows my second love is interior design, but its kind of scary to have to totally commit to some pieces of furniture for the long haul. Normally we just rent a furnished place for 8-10 months and know we are moving on to the next, but this is going to be our home for the foreseeable future and I want to make sure it's perfect. Or as close as possible.

I have a hard time pin-pointing my design aesthetic. I love light and airy, I don't do dark, ever. Natural worn woods mixed with high shine modern pieces, colorful textured pillows and accessories, comfy linen upholstery. I want my home to feel like a combination of all the places we have lived, to feel like we are surrounded by all the amazing memories, places and people we have been so fortunate make, live in and meet.

I thought it would be fun to share the planning, the process and the outcome. So here are some of my favorites:

Restoration Hardware Wyatt Shelf
West Elm Carved Wood Table
The look:

All pictures from Pintrest

Insta Love

Our Pave Triangle Earrings. Available mid-July 
Last Nights Jewels
Lapis and Turquoise Pave Rings
Orchid Love
Pretty Little Bracelets
Mama's Night Out
A few of my favorite things
Ella and the sunset 
Stone and Pave Cuffs

Embellished Blazers

I've started to think about what my wardrobe is lacking for Spring, skinnies (check), basic tanks (check), lightweight sweaters (check), you get the picture. The one thing I'm lacking that I am desperately obsessing over right now are embellished blazers/jackets. When temperatures start to warm up but its still too cold to go jacket less I tend to reach for a blazer to finish off my look. I have all the staple blazers a girl could want, so now I figure I can jazz things up a bit (insert jazzy hands here). This morning while perusing facebook I came across the most amazing embellished blazer EVER. It's from the line Atelier Azza, a Chicago based, relatively new designer with the most kick ass blazers I have ever laid eyes on. I promptly shot off an email to the designer hoping to get my hands on this beauty. See below

Image by The Blonde Salad Blog 

More embellished blazers I'm digging:

Elizabeth & James Spring 2013

Iro Spring 2013

Isabel Marant Old Collection


Isabel Marant Old Collection (July Jacket)

Another AMAZING Atelier Azza Studded Jacket

Amazing Tribal Print Blazer (if anyone knows who this is by please let me know!)

Spring Time Knits

At this point in the season most of us are dreaming of beach vacations, and although that is definitely what I am longing for, I feel like maybe I should keep my dreams a little more attainable for now.   A Salzburg winter is pretty mild (recent weather aside) so I am hoping that by March there will be days where I can lose the jacket and getaway with a warm chunky knit, wishful thinking?

I am definitely a self professed label snob, for the most part. Recently, however, I have been trying to branch out, really mix high and low. On a trip to Zara the other day I came across a chunky army green cardigan with faux leather pockets (and a pair of the most beautiful little shoes, but thats another post). It was love at first sight. I bought it and haven't taken it off for days. It's so cozy!
Sweater-Zara, Necklace/Ring-MAD, Silk Tank-Club Monaco, Jeans- COH, Boots-Isabel Marant, Clutch-Proenza Schouler

At little more knit love:

Images courtesy of Pintrest

Mother Denim Swing 13

I am a BIG fan of Tim Kaeding and Lela Tillem Becker's denim line Mother. I have a couple pairs in my closet and the fit is perfection. However, when I saw the prints and colors in their new spring line I couldn't contain myself! I mean, this is next level denim. The prints have a very bohemian vibe which is right up my alley, and very in tune with MAD's spring jewels. When flipping through their images I couldn't help but start planning out which jewelry pieces I would wear with each pair.  A chunky sweater, embroidered jeans, Marant Jacob booties and some MAD jewels, I can't think of a better reason for spring to arrive!

ArrowHead Earrings
Modern Tusk Cuff

Turquoise Diamond
Gilded Horn Necklace

Shark's Tooth
Modern Tribal Earrings

Stunner Necklace

All denim images property of Mother Denim

XO Mel