Mottega Giveaway

My first love is definitely jewelry design, but if I could do two jobs at once I think interior design would be my next passion. There is just something about a beautifully designed living space that speaks to me. In my free time I buy home magazines and search the internet for inspiration for my future home. Since we move around, ALOT, I think its become a slight obsession of mine to be able to design, build and decorate a place my family will be comfortable and happy. Its at least 5 years off but we'll get there. Anyway, enough about that. In all my searching I came across a company I LOVE, Mottega is a lighting company that allows you to pick your own shapes, colors, finishes and then sends you the lamp of your dreams. It was created by Arteriors (another company I am crazy about) founder Mark Moussa.

I was lucky enough to win a chance to design my own lamp. I know, pinch me. It took me a few days to figure out what look I wanted, but I settled on something I knew I would love forever and that would transition easily into my dream home. I chose the Sofia lamp in Spa (a beautiful sea foam green), with a square lucite base and lucite finial. The end result is beautiful, elegant and a little edgy (the lucite base gives it a little extra something).

Instead of sharing it with my family, I have her in my studio, she fits in perfectly with my Hadley Hutton paintings and lights up my work space. In the future I may just let the rest of my family see her, but the jurys still out on that.

Sofia lighting up my work space

A close up

Packing List: Miami Beach

Today I am gearing up for my annual girls vacation with one of my bff's. Every year we pick a spot and meet for a much needed girls trip. Usually we head to NYC for some intense retail therapy, but this year since we both just had babies ,somewhat recently, and are in colder climates we decided a beach vacation was in order. My in-laws were amazing enough to come up and watch the kids so although I will still worry,  at least I know they are in good hands. 

We are staying at the amazing Fontainebleau which I have never been to but am anxious to see (check back for a review on that) and planning on shopping, relaxing and eating. Oh, and we may toss back a few cocktails while we are at it.

I am a total nerd when it comes to packing. I need to plan out every last detail of what I will need for each day. There is nothing I hate more then feeling un-prepared and looking like a tourist, haha. So besides a ton of reading material and my mac here are some of my much needed accessories for this trip.

MAD Monika in Berry, MAD Blythe in Aqua
For dinner and drinks I usually like to add color and sparkle with accessories. Our Blythe earrings in this amazing Aqua/Green color will go perfectly with my lace Robbi & Nikki dress (which I got on sale thankyouverymuch), my red patent zanottis (another amazing find, enter code "nonevent"for another 20%off!) and my sea foam Nancy Gonzalez Clutch (see below). 

From Left to Right: Jcrew, MAD, Noir, MAD, Jcrew, Jcrew, MAD Stackables

Another jewelry staple for me is my arm party. I can't get enough bracelets! During the day I like to pile them on. There is something so personal and artistic about the jewelry a girl picks, and none more so then a stack full of bracelets. I don't discriminate either, they aren't all MAD. 

RayBan Large Metal II
My go to shades are from Ray-Ban. I am very loyal to these babies. I will ONLY wear their Large Metal II aviators. For some reason they just look great on everyone and go with everything.

And lastly ,my loves, my bags. I couldn't believe my luck when I scored this Nancy Gonzalez clutch for 1/3 of what it normally costs. And the sea foam color, ahhh. It will be the perfect accessory for those late night dinners with friends.
Nancy Gonzalez Croc Clutch

And to lug all my reading material, computer, phone etc etc (you know a girl needs lots of stuff!) My massive bag.
Celine Luggage Tote, Medium, Jute Leather

I hope you all have a great weekend, I know I will!