Mottega Giveaway

My first love is definitely jewelry design, but if I could do two jobs at once I think interior design would be my next passion. There is just something about a beautifully designed living space that speaks to me. In my free time I buy home magazines and search the internet for inspiration for my future home. Since we move around, ALOT, I think its become a slight obsession of mine to be able to design, build and decorate a place my family will be comfortable and happy. Its at least 5 years off but we'll get there. Anyway, enough about that. In all my searching I came across a company I LOVE, Mottega is a lighting company that allows you to pick your own shapes, colors, finishes and then sends you the lamp of your dreams. It was created by Arteriors (another company I am crazy about) founder Mark Moussa.

I was lucky enough to win a chance to design my own lamp. I know, pinch me. It took me a few days to figure out what look I wanted, but I settled on something I knew I would love forever and that would transition easily into my dream home. I chose the Sofia lamp in Spa (a beautiful sea foam green), with a square lucite base and lucite finial. The end result is beautiful, elegant and a little edgy (the lucite base gives it a little extra something).

Instead of sharing it with my family, I have her in my studio, she fits in perfectly with my Hadley Hutton paintings and lights up my work space. In the future I may just let the rest of my family see her, but the jurys still out on that.

Sofia lighting up my work space

A close up


joannaonthelake said...

OMG ~ what a gorgeous, sleek lamp! Bravo to you for the simple yet impactful design and the color is tranquil and peaceful, love it!

~ Joanna

Mottega said...

So beautiful, Melanie!! You designed a lovely lamp for an even lovelier space! Thanks for sharing and see you around our blog on Thursday. ;-)

Erinn T said...

Gorgeous lamp. Might have to check out that site.