un-Simply, Iris.

There are only a select few women out there that have not only conquered the fashion industry in their life time but also carried their legacy on year by year; decade by decade.

You could throw many names at me that you think fit the bill. Coco Chanel. Grace Kelly. Anna Wintour. Jackie O. Katharine Hepburn.

But there is also one who doesn't get quite the recognition she deserves.

Iris Apfel.

Iris is legendary. You have to be to have the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City premier an exhibition about you. {And well titled at that, Rara Avis (Rare Bird): The Irreverent Iris Apfel}.

Starting as a interior designer, Iris hit it big with clients that included 9 Presidents for the White House. Interior elite. Which got her noticed for her maximalist fashion sense. Huge sunnies {you thought Rachel Zoe started that?}, layers of costumne jewelry, multicultural, over-the-top, couture-infused, outfits. Iris is the Queen of excess. Just when you think you have enough going on, throw on another layer of accessories a la Iris style.

A make-up collection with MAC. A professor for a fashion program at UT. Home Shopping Network line. Designer and fashion icon.

And did I mention that she is 91 years old?

Iris is a reminder to everyone to follow the beat of your own drum. To wear as you please. And she defines what the "extra" means in extraordinary.