Embellished Blazers

I've started to think about what my wardrobe is lacking for Spring, skinnies (check), basic tanks (check), lightweight sweaters (check), you get the picture. The one thing I'm lacking that I am desperately obsessing over right now are embellished blazers/jackets. When temperatures start to warm up but its still too cold to go jacket less I tend to reach for a blazer to finish off my look. I have all the staple blazers a girl could want, so now I figure I can jazz things up a bit (insert jazzy hands here). This morning while perusing facebook I came across the most amazing embellished blazer EVER. It's from the line Atelier Azza, a Chicago based, relatively new designer with the most kick ass blazers I have ever laid eyes on. I promptly shot off an email to the designer hoping to get my hands on this beauty. See below

Image by The Blonde Salad Blog 

More embellished blazers I'm digging:

Elizabeth & James Spring 2013

Iro Spring 2013

Isabel Marant Old Collection


Isabel Marant Old Collection (July Jacket)

Another AMAZING Atelier Azza Studded Jacket

Amazing Tribal Print Blazer (if anyone knows who this is by please let me know!)


Azeeza Khan said...

Hi Melanie - this is Azeeza - thank you so much for the kind words. Seems as if we still need to connect - please do shoot me an email in the general mailbox and I will pull it for response myself. XX - info@atelierazza.com