Girl Crush

If you have never heard of Olivia Palermo then to be honest, I don't even know what to say to you. This girl rocks urban chic style like it's no ones business. I love that she takes chances, mixing prints and silhouettes that many wouldn't even dare to try. More often then not she nails it, but even when she doesn't I find her failures refreshing, hey at least she's trying something new.

Another thing I love is that although she has a closet full of Hermes, Zac Posen, Missoni, the list goes on, you also see her sporting lower priced labels like H&M, Forever 21 etc. Style isn't about money, obviously its a little simpler with it, but for me its about mixing high, mid and low and making it all look high!

She always adds something un-expected, be it a colorful bag, stunning statement jewelry, sequins, a unique shoe. And no matter what that little something is, it's always a reflection of her own personal style. If I take anything away from her outfits, it's to follow my own personal fashion sense and not let trends or other people dictate how I should look. We could all learn a little something from Olivia's Do's and Don'ts!