We realize we haven't been the most helpful to those trying to check off their Christmas lists, but atleast we're creating awareness on some of the biggest steals of the year. After all, are two girls stuck in Canada during black friday not entitled to a little bit of sale season sympathy? When I came across Aje's Spring/Summer 2010 collection back in May, I nearly drowned myself in a puddle of drool. From the collection itself, to the street chic styling and raw photography, the Australian brand soon became a familiar face to my internet browser. Aje is the result of a creative collaboration between Eddi, Aje, and their sister Bree's undying passion for a fashion lifestyle brand that serves as both wearable, and innovative. A dash of sequins, loads of leather, and some bad-ass biker boots coin these grunge-chic looks that are oh-so-effortless. Moral of the story? The full collection is currently flaunting 50% off price tags with low international shipping rates at Dare you to decline.


Daisy said...

Love the shirt in the 4th picture down!!