Gossip & Grace.

knew there was something special about Blake Lively in last nights episode of Gossip Girl.

Oh, that's right... she was wearing the M.A.D. "Grace" necklace.

Spotted: one jewelry designers dream.

Blake Lively wearing M.A.D jewels is kind of a big deal. Like a squeal-worthy kind of a big deal. Blake Lively asking to keep the necklace for herself after puts us in fantasy land.

Blake is definitely at the top of our Celeb Style list. She is just everything in any outfit she pulls together. And the girl doesn't even use a stylist. Major love coming from this end of town folks.

Check out the short clip below to see how Serena van der Woodesen {Blake Lively} wears MAD Grace in blueberry.  


Possessionista said...

Thanks for sending me the info about Serena's necklace. I have been DYING for it.

The Possessionista