My upcoming weekend project is also a goal of mine: to fully unlock that artsy + crafty part of my brain the best I can.

I saw this Do It Yourself'er and instantly knew it was do'able... and also the perfect fit for a certain room in my house.

Paint Chip Wall Art

1) Select your desired color scheme in paint chips gathered from Home Depot or a similar store

2) Cut one triangle to the size you want and use as a template

3) Cut triangles out from other paint chip samples and create your pattern on the paper before gluing it {in case you want to switch up any colors}

4) Coat your paper with spray adhesive or attach your pieces with rubber cement or other adhesive.

5) After you perfect the pattern you want transfer them one by one to the sticky sheet of paper cut to the size needed

6) Trim off any overhanging triangles, put it under glass, and you're done!