Jessica Simpson scores herslef a new title, as the fashion industry's latest "Accidental" Billion Dollar Empress. What started as the former 'it-girl's' self-titled line of Fragrance and Footwear, has grown to take the industry by storm. Things are only looking up for Simpson and her crew, as she's confirmed plans to add both a full ready-to-wear collection, as well as a "career separates" line into the empire later this year. With projected annual sales pushing the billion dollar bracket, Jessica is said to be the first 'celebrity-turn-designer' to hit this level of success. And who'd have ever thought that the ditsy, carefree blonde would grow to blow fellow celebrtity competitors like Nicole Richie, and the Olsen twins right out of the water. To put these numbers into better context, it's safe to say that Jessica Simpson is doing roughly the same volume in sales as industry achievers like Michael Kors, or Tory Burch. This girl is rolling in some serious dough. We're impressed. And, so long as we're not tuning in to her second shot at reality tv 'The Price Of Beauty' (cringe)..we're more than happy to see how successful the Texas native has proven to become. So much for the dumb blonde theory, she's obviously doing something right. photocreds: NYMAG