New York Magazine recently caught up with one of our favorite Fashionisto's, Editors-at-Large, and Elle Magazine's front runner, Mr.Joe.Zee. One of the few style supreme's who's managed to bypass the stereotype of the average industry guru, tucked  behind a pair of unneccesarily oversized sunglasses and wide brimmed fedoras at any public attempt. A chatty Cathy rather? Could there be a humorous, down to earth, well-grounded, super success in this industry? Yes.. and his name is Joe Zee. The creative director, turn editor has come to epitomize a new form of major-player personality. The 42 year old has made a name for himself in the cut throat industry with a different approach, wearing a cooler attitude.Which makes perfect sense for the New York Times to name Joe Zee one of Fashion's few 'approachable ambassadors'. And isn't it refreshing? To finally see some integrity in an industry thats far too often bashed as pretencious? It's people like Joe Zee that reassure us, that there are a bunch of level-headed, creative minds working their butts of to keep the world of Fashion interesting and competitive. And although Mr.Zee's aggressive social networking skills have proven him a Twitter-ville favourite, we think that the news of his very own TV show will work wonders for his loyal fan base. For all of you girls who didn't get quite enough Zee from MTV's The City, here's your chance. "All on the Line" will debut Tuesday March 29th on the Sundance Channel, and you can rest assured that we'll be tuning in. photocred: NYtimes