Courtin-Clarins clan.

The Courtin-Clarins sisters are a quartet of beauties I love seeing pictures of. Sisters Virginie + Claire, and twin cousins Jenna + Prisca are socialite royalty of the Clarins brand {Grandpa Jacques founded it}. Their Parisian inspired style and flowing locks got the people of NYC asking, "Who are these beauties?" last year, and they have since become faces of the city. But you won't find your typical socialite antics here. These girls are involved in the family business from the design of products to sitting in on the company's board meetings and strategy of partnerships.

Their sense of style is inspired from their treks around the globe, and people of the industry are definitely taking notice.


Anonymous said...

so funny, i've been wondering who these girls were- i saw them in a few pis from fashion week last month!