Has everyone got  chance to check out Mel's latest and greatest project, MADbyHand? If not, head on over here.

From the moment Mel first showed me her latest creations I have been so excited to share this with you!

The price point is incredible, the styles are exclusive, and the pieces are so easy to layer up, dress up, dress down, or stand alone.

All the pieces are made by Melanie, by hand, with love and that same unrivaled sense of style! The thing I especially love about these pieces is that they are a true work of what comes naturally to her. She will think up a great idea, whip one up, and the next day it's up on the site.

First come first serve. That goes for me too, so get your hands on them before I do :)

xo, Nik

A sweet little spring treat! 

braided chain bracelets

stone chain bracelets

mini beaded charm bracelets

mini beaded luxe edition

More styles coming soon!
{Like, real soon... her hands are literally whipping some up right now!}