First day of the show, and I think all three of us were more excited about a newly formed friendship with Melanie Auld Design's Fall Hobo's than the fact that we were business tripping' in New York City. But seriously, can you blame us?
Apart from obsessing over the new collection, each of us lapped the show a few times to 'ooh- and ahh' over the ENK 'Intermezzo' apparel line up, while taking advantage of what was a slow day for most exhibitors. The rest of opening day included Mel talking MAD with a New York lifestyle blog, Emma crazy gluing her hands to the Society Clutch in black leather, and Eddie chatting up several storms with countless buyers, security staff, and industry representatives. (ha ha!) Our night ended with a taste of Italian, seated under a cozy copper tinned roof and exposed brick walls. Comfy conversation and a good meal in Manhattan's prettiest pizzeria, Donatella had us preparing ourselves for another busy day at ENK's Accessorie Circuit. photos: emma