It's time for me to finally confess, to my (not-so-mild) obsession with Sir Alexander Wang. I told myself I would try to contain the fascination within the four walls of MADBLOG, and didn't think it would be so hard to fight. Until.. his Spring/Summer Collection hit blogs galore in these past few weeks. The seasons magic word? PURE. Working with a pale palette of neutrals, whites, and everything but black, he contradicts the grunge/dark mood that the brand has been known for in Wang's short but effective industry history. The designer quotes "I wanted to move away from that hard, tough, aggressive, urban mood I've become known for. So there's no black, not even a hint of black." He then goes on to describe the collection as "Light, optimistic, pale colors, dropping hems down to the floor, my first real prints, It's even romantic."
Call me crazy, but there is literally nothing this man has designed that I haven't found myself dying over. Ok, so some of the apparel isn't for everyone, nor very practical. But his shoes, boots, bags, and dresses? Not real life. For an up and coming designer, at his age I find myself more amazed with his success each season. On top of all of that, he then seizes to amaze me by pulling off the coolest tricks in the trade with his unique campaigns, spreads, shows, and collaborations. Photos above take us backstage at NYFW for Wang's Spring/Summer 2011' debut. The colors, the lack of runway, the music, the agyness, the abbey lee, and the rest of his model roster. Stunning. Alexander, how did you get to be so cool? Seriously? For full runway show click here. photocreds: Alexander Wang Facebook Page.