I understand that these next few posts are supposed to be about our trip to New York at ENK's Accessorie Cicruit, however I feel that some MAD Fall 2011 visuals are in order. Seriously, can you blame us for wanting to flaunt these bags? They just keep on getting better. And might I add, that a little stud goes an awful long way in the game of accessorizing. An edgy-chic trend was sure to have leaked into Mel's sketch pad as she drew up these cow skins, achieving the perfect balance of studs and style. Each bag nods to Fall 2011's season that is sure to house hundreds of rock n' roll runways. Now that I've got these off my chest, I will continue to recap our 4 days in Manhattan..promise!


Rose said...

Does the grey hobo come with silver studs? I can not wait to order mine!