Rachel Bilson's recent tabloid turbulence due to the status of her engagement with on and off beau, Hayden Christensen sure isn't getting in the way of the woman's styling abilities. Her latest appearance en route to a taping with our favorite late night lady, Chelsea Handler stopped us in our tracks. She's looking like she's walked right out of a J Crew look book, and on to a Santa Monica side street. How cute is that blazer! The Pamela Love necklace on the other hand could easily be swapped with a MAD Roxy bullet necklace, right? And why not throw in a few jewel tones with a MAD dainty Sheba bracelet. And the Chanel....ok you get the idea. We'll start with some smaller scaled wishes. Could definitely get used to stumbling upon more of Bilson's pretty paparazzi's however. Let the style crushing continue. photocreds: gossipcenter