Half way through New York Fashion Week, and our bookmarked websites are flourishing with updates. We've been refreshing our true and trusted source, style.com all weekend and are no longer searching for a lack of fashion feed. The material just keeps coming. Last night, Elise Øverland took the music, models, and trade vip's to an informally 'cool' runway with temperatures to match. Models stood in Øverland's Fall pieces, as figure skaters from the Ice Theater of New York twirled around the 'not so blue-lines' of The Standard Hotel's outdoor rink. Cool. And the pieces? Fabolous. The Norwegian born designer worked with a bubbly palette, opting for colors much lighter than most Fall recipes call for. The pastels were said to have been chosen lightly based on how it would reflect the lighting, to then hit a frozen runway. They really do think of everything, when it comes to NYFW. We're excited to see what kind of tricks some of the other designers may have up their silk, leather, and ruffle cuffed sleeves. Keep the news feeds coming! photocreds: style.com


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