A sleazy, soaked Lady Gaga by Terry Richardson for New York's creatively cultured retail brand, Supreme. Throughout the 16 years of the store's existence, Supreme has been known to work with some of the generations most impressive, and ground-breaking designers, artists, musicians, and photographers. Which just about sums up their latest project. Alright, so not the biggest Gaga fan, but completely the biggest Terry fan. Which is why these shots land a spot on MADBLOG. The minxy pop singer's promiscuous personality proves time and time again to boast an effective media buzz. Yet, we're always left so very slightly mind-bended. We get it, she's a "fashion icon" but at the same time, why does she always have to look so dirty? And at which point in your career does scribbling on $30,000 of handbag magic become ok? Lady Gaga, one of Hollywood's few crazy broads capable of ruining the Birkin. (more prime examples seen here, and here) Sin.  photocreds: fashionising