Herve Leger Spring Summer 2011 Ads featuring a perfectly primped Olga Sherer. The designer who's become known to tailor the tightest dresses on the market, offers a little something more in his upcoming Spring Collection. For the bandage dresses that may have become just a little too fashionably common, the newest Ads flaunt some intricate designs that we can really appreciate. Not that the can-of-paint dresses didn't do well, but how exciting can introducing solely a new color palette each season be, really? We love that Herve is testing some untried silhouettes, that we probably won't see worn the wrong way by any of the 65 Kardashian sisters. As for the campaign, we love equally if not more. Delicate bandage dresses and romantic florals, fit for those who love some vintage looking love. photocreds:fashionising