WWJD. What Would Johan Do? Or better yet, what won't Johan do? And what is Johan about to do? Johan Lindeberg, the man behind way too many successes in the industry will continue to build his resume with the launch of BLK DNM this Spring. Beginning as CEO of self named denim brand,  J.Lindeberg has grown to become one of the biggest names out of Scandinavia, and the list doesn't stop there. CEO at Diesel, Founder at Paris86, and Creative Director at William Rast are a few of the wild stints he calls career experience. With the Spring launch of BLK DNM (pronounced black denim) Lindeberg looks to create a retail concept for the line that is a little different than we're used to. He explains that he'd like to cut out the retail part altogether, making the line available to customers online or in the brand's own free standing shops (also offering the threads at wholesale!). Eight looks for women, and Eight looks for men will make up BLK DNM's big debut that he also chose to name as "Seasonless". An term that assists Lindeberg's idea that the collection should be available to consumers immediately, rather than six months after their first viewing. No need for seasons in Johan's books. We like how he's thinking. Photos above are from Tuesday night's star-studded BLK DNM launch party at 18 Wooster, in Manhattan.,