Remember Elin? Chic, Edgy, Blonde, Swede..Queen of Stockholm's Fashion scene? Got a sense of style that could serve as a lethal weapon in the game of wardrobry. Well she's now got even more to add to her resume. The woman has successfully cemented her name into a whole new territory. Blogger turns designer? How about, Blogger turns designer for mutli million dollar retail chain? While most H&M guest-collaborations are joint with big established names (and equally as big resumes), this project proves otherwise. Introducing.....Elin Kling for H&M. Yes, it happened. I refreshed my page 4 times on my first read too. How does she do it?
My last post touched on her upcoming spring projects that involve the launch of her very own magazine (which was already impressive), and then this pops up like it aint no thing. Just a little side project, Elin? Kling's collaboration with the International retail chain launched in select stores throughout Sweden on February 3rd, of 2011. Photos above from Style by Kling summarize the collection in a nutshell of fantastic candids. photocreds: stylebykling