Playing dress up with Kate Moss for TopShop. Her feminine touch on this vintage inspired silk maxi has me all dressed up with no place to go.. 
(have always liked this video of Kate Moss' self titled topshop campaign and feet it relates to today's post. dare you not to dance.)

This dress was the first thing I looked at when walking into a basement filled with topshop treats at SSENSE last week. Maybe because I have a soft spot for silk embellished dresses, or the fact that it stuck out like a sore thumb amongst jean jackets and patent leather mini skirts. Regardless, as soon as I started to rummaging through rolling racks I knew I shouldn’t have tried her on.
But, you know how the story goes. The first glimpse triggers a double take, prolonged eye contact is made, a physical attraction is established, then turns to complimenting, which turns to touching, and the next thing you know you’ve got a (fitting) room. I apologize, I got lost in the moment and couldn’t help myself.
As I ooh’d and ahh’d over the floor length fairytale, I tried as hard as possible to ignore the two boys convincing me to bring it home. They alllllllmost had me swiping my card away, with a surprising price point of $260 Canadian, until reality hit. Seriously, where the honk am I ever going to wear this? My weekly agenda includes activities revolving around a retail sales floor, various downtown coffee shops, and the occasional dive bar come weekend. (Not to mention how suave I’d look rolling my cart down the frozen food aisle in this number.) As much as I wish I had Gossip Girl garden parties to attend, unfortunately I just don't. Turns out this piece is made for someone with a far fancier itinerary than my own. Thanks for the memories Moss! photocreds: ftape, emma, SSENSE boys


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