A new procrastination source for all of us fashion junkies. If you think playing dress up on Polyvore and browsing your favorite bookmarked style blogs is fun, meet We all find ourselves oo-ing and ah-ing over Ashley Olsen’s candid street shots in US weekly right? Who’s she wearing? What black skinnies are those? Are those the Oliver People’s daddy b’s in a new tortoise frame? offers the easiest route to shopping the closets of your favorite style icons, bloggers, designers, trends, and over all features fashion items. Finally, some productivity out of blog following. The site features numerous “Boutiques” each offering an array of apparel according to the trend/style in which you’ve selected. It also keeps note of trends you "love" and "hate", ensuring an accurate search for your desired style. See something you like? Want to know where it’s sold? How much? Simply click on the garment and work your way into the best selected online retailer ready to wrap up and ship your size your way. makes online shopping the newest procrastination activity. Who’s in?