NY Mag recently published a short clip of the self-made talent, that is Scott Schuman. The photographer speaks lightly on the source of inspiration for his web-renowned photo blog titled, "The Sartorialist". Schuman started the blog while working for some of the industry's biggest design houses, and high earning show rooms. He knew that his love for photography and fashion would some day collide, but never expected what has come of The Sartorialist. The man has mastered the art of capturing not only a look, but a complete style in through candid streetstyle photography. "What they're wearing is not really that important, which is really different than what street photography has been in the past. It was always very much a report of what people were wearing, where for me that's much less important. The concept, and the abstract idea is much more important than trying to report what people are wearing." His organic images serve as visual caviar in the world of Fashion Photography. With monthly features in GQ, guest posts for, project proposals from Conde Nast, and countless forms of public appraisal in the industry, it doesn't look like Scott is going anywhere fast. For video clip see Finding Inspiration with The Sartorialist via photocreds: The Sartorialist